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Dahi Wada | Summer Special| 2cleverfools

Summers in many parts of India is too harsh. Curd is the coolent everyone will be interested in. Beat the heat with these tasty dahi vadas which are delicious and full of flavors Recipe is here • Quantity: 4 people• Preparation time: 3hrs• Cooking time: 30mins. • Ingredients:1. Urad Dal: 2cups2. Dahi: 4cups3. Chutney: pudina,Continue reading “Dahi Wada | Summer Special| 2cleverfools”

Salad Papdi Chaat |Tasty healthy snack| 2cleverfools

‘Chaat’ is one of the most delicious & loved category of food. It has varieties in it and this differs from region to region. So, thought of combining salad and chaat together. This is tasty Salad papdi chaat. Enjoy the recipe below. • Quantity: 4 people• Cooking time: 30 mins Ingredients:1. Papdi : Refined flour,oil,salt,Continue reading “Salad Papdi Chaat |Tasty healthy snack| 2cleverfools”

Vegetable Manchurian | Indo Chinese |2cleverfools

Chinese food has become so popular in India that flavoring the Indian food with Chinese is loved by all. Vegetables are the important part of the diet. So, vegetables along with tangy delicious taste will make the bowl empty soon. Try this Vegetable Manchurian which is full of veggies with delicious taste • Quantity: 4Continue reading “Vegetable Manchurian | Indo Chinese |2cleverfools”

Mango Rasmalai | Sweet dish |2cleverfools

Mango is the most favorite fruit relished by all. In India,mango season occurs from March-June. There are variety of mangoes like Hapus,kesar and many other as per the area. Mango Rasmalai is a must go sweet this mango season. Check out the recipe • Quantity: 4 people• Cooking time: 1hr • Ingredients:1. Milk – 2litres2.Continue reading “Mango Rasmalai | Sweet dish |2cleverfools”

15minutes Oreo Cake | Mother’s Day |2cleverfools

Mothers are the only one who offers selfless love. She is the the first teacher for everyone. Learnt cooking from her and this day is to show how successfully she taught us. The simple 15mins oreo cake was so delicious and quick easy one to bake. Check out the interesting stuff Quantity: 2 people PreparationContinue reading “15minutes Oreo Cake | Mother’s Day |2cleverfools”

Sabudana khichadi |Maharashtrian breakfast |2cleverfools

‘Sabudana’ are the sago seeds. Sabudana khichadi is served as a breakfast. This is the favorite dish relished during fasting Flavors can be added and cooked accordingly. This is Masala flavored khichadi. Scroll for the recipe Quantity: 4people Preparation time: 8hrs Cooking time: 15mins Ingredients: • Boiled potato – 1 • Soaked sabudana – 1cupContinue reading “Sabudana khichadi |Maharashtrian breakfast |2cleverfools”

Masala Chane Sabji _ Chickpeas

Chickpeas is one of the healthy and tasty food. People usually like to eat ‘sabji’ of chickpeas (also called chane ki Hindi).. Masala Chane is most popular food. Scroll down for the recipe Quantity: 4peoplePreparation time: 6hrsCooking time: 30mins Ingredients:• Kabuli Chane,Onion,Tomato,Ginger garlic paste,chana masala,khada masala,Malai, spices. Cook in this way:• Soak Kabuli chana forContinue reading “Masala Chane Sabji _ Chickpeas”

Southie breakfast_ Idli Chutney Sambhar

South Indian breakfast is considered healthy and delicious. This includes many varieties which can be cooked easily. ‘Idli’ is one of the famous South Indian breakfast. It is relished with Chutney and Sambhar. Have a look Quantity: 4peoplePreparation time: 12hrsCooking time: 1hr Ingredients:1. Idli• Idli rawa – 2cups• Urad Dal – 1cup2. Chutney:• Crushed coconut,peanutContinue reading “Southie breakfast_ Idli Chutney Sambhar”

The Maharashtrian Famous _ PAV

‘Pav’ is a popular food in Maharashtra. It is a bread/ bun. The popular food snacks are mostly eaten with this bread. Have a look at the recipe and enjoy the famous delicacy. Quantity: 4peoplePreparation time: 2hrsCooking time: 1hr Ingredients:Maida-3cupsMilk – 2cupsSugar – 2tspSalt – 1tspYeast – 7gmsButter/ghee – 4tbsp Cook in this way:• InContinue reading “The Maharashtrian Famous _ PAV”

Himachali Food_ Buraans ke phool ki chutney

Himachal Pradesh has a unique taste of food. People here mostly have a savoury flavor touch in their food. Chutney is a special part of their diet. This is the chutney from the flowers which are found here in late winters. ‘Buraans ke phool’ i.e. Rhododendron flower. Ingredients: Petals of the flower Tamarind Juice PudinaContinue reading “Himachali Food_ Buraans ke phool ki chutney”