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Rasmalai| Dessert | Sweetdish | 2cleverfools

Sweet dish is something for which everyone is eagerly waiting after having food. There are many varieties . Rasmalai is something which is made of milk. Have a look at the recipe • Quantity: 4people• Cooking time: 1hr • Ingredients:1. Milk – 2litres2. Dry fruits – as needed3. Sugar – 1small cup (or as required)4.Continue reading “Rasmalai| Dessert | Sweetdish | 2cleverfools”

Idli Chilly | Indo Chinese | Snacks | 2cleverfools

Sometimes we have leftovers at home and we think of not wasting it and using it somewhere. Today’s recipe is all about makeover of leftover. Idli is a one of the favorite popular breakfast. Had some leftover idlis. So thought of making a evening snack from the same. Have a look at the Idli Chilly.Continue reading “Idli Chilly | Indo Chinese | Snacks | 2cleverfools”

Veg Dum Biryani| Shahi Bhojan |2cleverfools

The Shahi Bhojan indicates food which is considered royal. Dum Biryani is one of it. Vegetable Dum Biryani is full of flavors. Each bite is filled with deliciousness. India has varieties of rice too. Special type of variety is used in Biryani i.e. basmati. Have a look at the recipe . Quantity: 4 peopleCooking time:Continue reading “Veg Dum Biryani| Shahi Bhojan |2cleverfools”

Vegetable Momos |Snacks|2cleverfools

Momo is one of the famous delicacy observed around. Himachal has Momos as a street snack and most loved of all. There are varieties of momos here like veg momos, chicken momos, tandoori momos. Chocolate momos is now in trend. Let’s go for the basic veg momo today. Check out the recipe Quantity: 4people CookingContinue reading “Vegetable Momos |Snacks|2cleverfools”

Mango Cake | Dessert| 2cleverfools

The king of fruits is in season. Variety of dessert can be prepared from this favorite fruit. Mango cake is the loved one. Check out the recipe: Quantity: 4peopleCooking time: 1hr Ingredients:1. Cake• Chopped Mango – 1cup• Sugar – 3/4th cup• Oil – 1/2 cup• Maida – 2 cups• Baking soda – 1/4 tsp• BakingContinue reading “Mango Cake | Dessert| 2cleverfools”

Atta Bread|Wheat Bread |Healthy |2cleverfools

Bread is one of the most consumed and favorite item for breakfast. It has varieties of ways to eat. As, it is part of daily food it should be healthy. So tried making bread from wheat flour. Check out the recipe Quantity: 4peoplePreparation time: 2hrsCooking time: 1hr Ingredients:Atta -3cupsMilk – 1cupSugar – 2tbspSalt – 1tspYeastContinue reading “Atta Bread|Wheat Bread |Healthy |2cleverfools”

Fruit Cocktail | Dessert | 2cleverfools

Fruit love. Fruits are always good for health and delicious in taste. But when it is arranged and topped with more deliciousness it will make a fantastic combination. Is the temperature still hot at your place? Is it monsoons? This fruit cocktail will be perfect for any occasion. Check out the recipe • Quantity: 4Continue reading “Fruit Cocktail | Dessert | 2cleverfools”

Dum aloo|Main course| 2cleverfools

Potato is the most favorite, regularly used and popular vegetable. So many varieties can be prepared from this single vegetable. Snacks,main course and dessert it can be used in any way. One of the popular thing is Dum aloo. This is a delicious sabji and mostly cooked in North India. These are our farm grownContinue reading “Dum aloo|Main course| 2cleverfools”

Shahi Tukda |Eid Special| 2cleverfools

Festival is all about sharing food and happiness. As other festivals include s variety of food, Eid is also celebrated with some unique delicacies. Shahi Tukda is one of the delicacy cooked. Originated from Lucknow (as per one of the story) this was so rich and full of flavors and loved by the people. TheContinue reading “Shahi Tukda |Eid Special| 2cleverfools”

Your name Atta Biscuits |Crispy & Healthy | 2cleverfools

Everyone around is trying to eat healthy stuff all the time. The tea time snacks should be delicious and tasty along with it’s healthiness. These are atta biscuits with self stamped name on it. This is easy and fun too. Kids will be attracted to this. Recipe is here: • Quantity: 4 people• Cooking time:Continue reading “Your name Atta Biscuits |Crispy & Healthy | 2cleverfools”