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Beetroot cutlets |Low calorie food| 2cleverfools

Healthy food can be tasty too. These beetroot cutlets are the perfect example. Beetroot is one of the root vegetable which full of vitamins and is low in calories. Have a look at the recipe. Ingredients: Grated Beetroot – 1cup Boiled potatoes – 1cup Ginger garlic chilly paste – 1tbsp Spices as per taste –Continue reading “Beetroot cutlets |Low calorie food| 2cleverfools”

Coconut ladoos|Sweet dish|Easy to cook

Sweets are favorite. They are prepared on occasions and some find it tasty to eat regularly. Here is the recipe of coconut ladoos. They are easy to prepare and quick too.  • Time required: 30 minutes • Quantity: 12-15 ladoos  • Ingredients: Dessicated Coconut – 2 cups Powdered sugar – 3/4th cup Milk – 1.5 cup Method of cooking:Continue reading “Coconut ladoos|Sweet dish|Easy to cook”

Mini Haryana Thali

Haryani khana is full of nutrition and health.The food we find there is always fresh and directly from farm.The ingredients has it own beauty of taste. The above Thali consists of: • Bajra Roti • Mixed Dal • Raita • Kacchi lassi • Aloo fry Let us go through the method of cooking Bajra Roti: • Take some Bajra Atta, knead it with warm water and tryContinue reading “Mini Haryana Thali”

Golgumbaz| Whispering Gallery| Karnataka|Travel|2cleverfools

The Mughal architecture is famous for it’s huge structure and uniqueness. Bijapur now named as Vijayapur was under the rule of Mohammed Adil Shah. This mausoleum was built in 1656. Golgumbaz means circular dome. This monument is huge and shows the elegance of the Mughal architecture. The central dome has a diameter of 44 metersContinue reading “Golgumbaz| Whispering Gallery| Karnataka|Travel|2cleverfools”

Vegetable Noodles |Desi Chinese|Healthy|2cleverfools

Desi Chinese Food is favorite amongst all. Giving our style taste to the Chinese food is Desi style. Noodles are loved by many people. Adding vegetables to it adds health too. Have a look at the recipe of Vegetable Noodles Ingredients: Boiled noodles. Chopped vegetables ( bell pepper, cabbage,beans, carrots, onion or other vegetable ofContinue reading “Vegetable Noodles |Desi Chinese|Healthy|2cleverfools”

Khatta Petha|Himachali Khatta Kaddu|Pahari dish|2cleverfools

People of Himachal Pradesh are fond of eating savory food. The variety of food here is delicious. Most of the food is not so famous inspite of it’s rich taste. Let’s have a look at one today. Make your taste buds ready for this yummy recipe. Ingredients: Petha( pumpkin) – 1kg Aamchur – 2tsp GurContinue reading “Khatta Petha|Himachali Khatta Kaddu|Pahari dish|2cleverfools”

Green tomato chutney|EasyToMake |2cleverfools

India has variety of chutney. Chutney is basically something with is grinded and made into a paste. South Indian food has spicy, savory chutney. Here we have Green Tomato Chutney. Tomato is a all season fruit. Easily available and this chutney is ready in 5-10minute. Have a look. Ingredients: Green tomato: 5-7 (as needed) Ginger:Continue reading “Green tomato chutney|EasyToMake |2cleverfools”

Green Moong Dosa |Healthy and easy |2cleverfools

Moong dal is considered to be healthy. Dosa is the most popular and easy to cook breakfast. So combining both the things we get Moong Dosa as a outcome. Check out the recipe. Ingredients Green Moong Dal – 2cups Ginger,garlic,chilly – 2-4 pieces each. Rice flour – 1/2 cup Salt as per taste Baking sodaContinue reading “Green Moong Dosa |Healthy and easy |2cleverfools”