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Southie breakfast_ Idli Chutney Sambhar

South Indian breakfast is considered healthy and delicious. This includes many varieties which can be cooked easily.

‘Idli’ is one of the famous South Indian breakfast. It is relished with Chutney and Sambhar. Have a look

Idli Chutney Sambhar (ICS)

Quantity: 4people
Preparation time: 12hrs
Cooking time: 1hr

1. Idli
• Idli rawa – 2cups
• Urad Dal – 1cup
2. Chutney:
• Crushed coconut,peanut powder,roasted chane powder(futane),garlic,ginger,green chilly,salt, mustard seeds,jeera,white sesame seeds,hing
3. Sambhar:
• Arhar Dal,onion,tomato,garlic,ginger, beans,potato, spices, tamarind water,jaggery

Cook in this way
1. Idli:
• Soak Urad Dal for 3-4hrs and grind it. Keep it aside
• Soak Idli rawa for 10mins. Remove excess water.
• Add the Urad Dal paste to the idli rawa and mix. Keep it overnight for fermenting.
• Take the fermented batter, add pinch of salt and baking soda.
• Take the idli mold and add the batter to it. Steam it for 15-20 mins & idli is ready
2. Chutney:
• Grind together crushed coconut,peanut powder,futane powder,garlic-ginger-chilly paste.
• Add salt as required,adjust water consistency as needed.
• Make a tadka by heating oil adding mustard seed,jeera,hing, sesame seeds. Add tadka to the chutney and it’s ready.
3. Sambhar:
• Steam arhar dal of 3whistles.
• Heat pan,add oil, mustard seeds,jeera, chopped onion, garlic ginger paste and fry a little. Add chopped tomatoes also cook a little.
• Add the other vegetables and fry them. Add tamarind water to it.
• Add spices,sambhar masala,jaggery and water as required.
• Add cooked Dal and keep boiling for 10-15mins.
• Ready to eat

Enjoy the delicacy and do share the feedback and follow the blog.

Happy Cooking – Happy Eating ❤️


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