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Idli Chilly | Indo Chinese | Snacks | 2cleverfools

Sometimes we have leftovers at home and we think of not wasting it and using it somewhere. Today’s recipe is all about makeover of leftover.

Idli is a one of the favorite popular breakfast. Had some leftover idlis. So thought of making a evening snack from the same. Have a look at the Idli Chilly.

Quantity: 4people
Cooking time: 20-25 mins

• Idli – 8-10
• Vegetables: Capsicum,onion, cabbage, peas
• Sauce: Soya, Chilly, Tomato
• Cornflour,Maida,salt, pepper

Cook in this way :
• Cut idli into cubes. Prepare a batter using 5tbsp maida and 5tbsp cornflour. Add salt pepper water to it. Coat the idli cubes with the batter and fry them.
• Take a pan,add oil, chopped vegetables and half cook it. Add sauces to it and cornflour slurry (mix 1 small spoon cornflour into 1/2 cup water). Cook a little.
• Add the fried idli cubes to it and give it a toss.
• Enjoy with sauce

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Happy Cooking – Happy Eating ❤️


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A girl who stays in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India. Loves to travel,explore,eat and cook. Smile more,love deeply and be kind always.

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